Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Okay, so I won't even pretend this isn't a big chance for me to show off pictures of the sea monkey, but I will talk a little shop since I haven't been able to turn spring ideas off in my head.

Business first.  So, like I've kinda mentioned a few times, we want to make some changes on the farm, increase activities, basically step it up a notch.  In that spirit, I've been spending the sleepless nights thinking about field trips at the farm.  I love having groups out.  I like teaching kids about plants and bees and where food actually comes from.  I like watching them be able to run around and just be kids.  But I also want to offer more things to do on the farm.  I'm thinking about offering birthday packages this year, maybe have a somewhat education experience picking berries.  Maybe, if (and this is a super, super big if) we're able to get a kitchen out there this spring, offer a package for older kids where they make jam.  For schools and daycares still do the tours that we offer, I'm thinking of having the option to just pick and play (mostly for younger kids who might not have the patience for a longer lesson), or have a more detailed tour, or (and this is an if, since I'll need cooperation from my local beekeeper) have a tour guided more towards bees and pollinators.  Anyway, those are some of my ideas for the spring, in addition to adding more playground equipment and animals (I've put it off long as I can, we're gonna have to get some, just NO pigs!).  What do you guys think?  Is there something you'd like to see/learn about on the farm?

Pleasure second.  The sea monkey is permanently (reluctantly on her part) out of the sea, and I posted a pic on Facebook but I hate to post a lot of personal things there.  It's not that I want you guys to not know what goes on in our family, I just think you liked our farm page to learn about the farm, not to be blitzed with family pictures, anecdotes, and minor annoyances I post on my personal page.  So, I limited myself to one of The Boy and The Girl, and decided to post a couple more here for your viewing pleasure.

The Husband and The Girl - he's already talking about teaching her to drive a tractor

Where are the strawberries?  These long fingers were made for picking!

I very rarely post pictures of myself, even on my own FB page, but The Boy was so cute I couldn't resist.

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